A Bit About Me

My name is Debbie Dawson. I’m a wife, mother of three grown children, and an athlete (tennis, golf, skiing, waterskiing, weightlifting, walking). I enjoy traveling with my husband, spending time with our children and my family, hanging out with my friends (love Girls’ Night Out!), managing the house (cooking, contracting projects, etc.), planning trips for my husband and me and our friends, reading, watching sports, tooling around on the internet, and more. For the last four years, I have particularly loved my volunteer work as a reading tutor working with Kindergartners and First Graders – they are precious and so eager. Lately, and I’m sure this comes with age :), I have become more interested in eating healthily and making lifestyle changes – I want to be a healthy and active old lady! That’s it for now!

One response

28 11 2011
Mary Ann McCauley

Hi Debbie, I’m so impressed that your starting up a health blog. After reading your first chapter, especially on cholesterol and statins, I felt that I wrote it. I have also had high cholesterol for 3-4 years. My Internist insisted that I take statins. I tried for a couple of months and had various problems, such as hot flashes, sore muscles, etc. My wonderful Swiss son-in-law who is a endocrinologist told me not to take statins as they were poisons. He said that at my age (70) a few years ago, I was healthy, very active and didn’t need statins. Then my wonderful Navy optomologist, who is also a P.h.D told me that statins were poison. So now I’ve convince Scot to stop taking them. I have always been very anti medications so I contacted a nutritionist and she advised me on what vitamins to take. Now I’m 100% healthy. Mary Ann McCauley

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