Time to Go Organic?

9 08 2012

Wow! I just listened to this TEDx talk by Robyn O’Brien about America’s food supply! I’ve heard about growth hormones before but never really knew what it meant in our food supply and frankly, didn’t question enough. She has a great talk about food allergies and why they are so prevalent now.

Did you know:

• that it was in the mid-90s the food industry introduced manufactured proteins (growth hormones) in to our food supply to maximize crops and profits?

• that Canada, Australia, and 27 European countries banned them in milk because they had never been tested, but the U.S. decided they hadn’t been proven dangerous so allowed them?

• that the U.S. has the highest rate of breast and prostate cancer than any country in the world and that 9 out of 10 incidences of breast cancer are environmentally triggered?

• that in 1996 soy, used to fatten livestock, was engineered further to withstand the effects of insecticides?

• that corn seeds have been engineered to release their own insecticide when planted and that corn is now regulated by the EPA because of these insecticides?

• that Kraft, Coca-Cola, and Walmart, to name a few, manufacture and sell different products to countries who don’t allow the manufactured proteins?

The talk is about 17 minutes long – it’s so fascinating, you won’t notice the time going by! I guess it’s time to get serious about going organic – I think I just never paid attention to exactly why I should!