Drum Roll – My Recent Results

7 04 2012

In December I watched and wrote about Forks Over Knives. It was at that point that I made a big change in my diet (Cutler’s too). I no longer eat any meat whatsoever – the only meat I really miss is bacon. However, I will eat some meat if I’m at a friend’s house for dinner and that’s what they’re serving or it’s in a casserole, etc. We now eat a lot of veggies, seafood, and pasta. I’ve also cut out about 70% dairy. I still can’t give up putting sour cream in some things, or cheese, but I’ve definitely cut way back. I used to go through a gallon of milk a week – no more! I’ve also cut way down on my sugar/candy intake – it’s been difficult and I still indulge every so often. Dark chocolate has not been eliminated. One thing for all you wine and alcohol lovers out there, I haven’t cut back on that a bit! Haha!


Spring a year ago I went off my statin because of the muscle pain in my hips and glutes. Got re-tested in August and it was way back up so I went back on it again. In November, I went off the statin for good. At that point, I had not changed my diet, but I told my doctor I was cutting back on some things and trying to eat well, etc. She said to test it all again in March. Then in December I radically changed my diet. The numbers below reflect the difference since November.

Okay News

My total cholesterol number went down a whopping 7 points. However, the good news in that is that it didn’t go up like it did when I went off it last spring. Also, my LDL (the bad stuff) only went down 1 point!

Good News

My triglycerides dropped 133 points – it’s okay now! My HDL (the good stuff) went up 15 points and is in acceptable range now.

Great News

The best news about the diet change is that although I wasn’t on a “diet”, I lost 14-1/2 pounds (between November and March)! Not even trying! I love it.

Looking Forward

My doctor really wanted to put me back on a statin because she doesn’t like the LDL number – she’d like to see it go down another 10 points. This diet and nutritional change has only been going on for 3 months, so I convinced her to let me keep going and we’ll test again in July.

If you’ve been thinking about making some diet changes of your own to improve your health, I hope you found this update helpful and inspirational! Also, if you have any questions about the specifics of what I’ve been doing, fire away!

P.S. Working on a couple posts, but have been traveling a lot. Stay with me!