Getting Started on My Health Discovery Journey

23 11 2011

Greetings Friends and Family!

I am very excited to have started this blog. There is so much I am learning and have to say, but I must start at the beginning. So, I will tell you how and why I got inspired to not only go on this health kick journey but also to include you all along the way.

For years my cholesterol was high but stable. The doctors didn’t like it but they left me alone. Then the year I started weightlifting (don’t know if there’s a relationship), it went up 40 points! Although I’d been resisting going on a statin, I finally did it. That was about 5 years ago. This past year, I have felt a lot of pain around my hips. In the spring, I heard about statins causing muscle problems, so I went off it for about 3 months. I didn’t feel better and my cholesterol went up, so in August I went back on it again. Then, during a recent business trip, my friend Peggy Lockard turned me on to Dr. Sherry Rogers and her philosophy of medicine and holistic treatments. We talked so much about alkaline water, health, vitamins, nutrition, etc. It was so interesting. Then, she handed me Dr. Rogers’ book, “Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?”, and it was like getting hit with a lightening bolt with everything she wrote about statins (poison the liver’s natural ability to make cholesterol, lowers zinc, depletes Vitamin E, lowers CoQ10, etc.) and that while they reduce heart attacks by 30% they also increase incidence of other disease by 30%. I will write more in detail about statins in a later posting. Suffice to say, I have gone off the statins. By the way, Cutler has gone off his statins, too! So he is doing this with me.

Detoxify or Die

I have ordered many of Dr. Rogers’ books: Is Your Cardiologist Killing You?, The Cholesterol Hoax, The High Blood Pressure Hoax, Pain-Free in 6 Weeks, Wellness Against All Odds, and her first book, Detoxify or Die. This book is about 9 years old, but covers good information about vitamins, her detox cocktail, etc. She talks a lot about chemicals (in the air, water, carpet, shower, etc.) and it is still relevant. Basically, if you can eat healthily, take the nutrients and vitamins, and detoxify regularly, you will keep the chemicals in your body to a minimum thereby holding off cancer and other chemical-induced disease.

Top Doc

I have also consulted with our doctor in Maine, Ben Newman (and will continue to do so). He is a retired Navy Surgeon and he believes in holistic medical practices, too, including acupuncture. He has given me lots of guidelines on vitamins and nutrients to take as well and is very supportive of what I am starting.

The Reason for the Blog

Through good eating and taking vitamins and nutrients, etc., I am determined to lower my cholesterol naturally. Turns out, I think I will also be putting myself on the road to perpetual good health in general as well. The information that I am learning is so powerful, I feel a moral responsibility to share it with you. For some of you this will be old news, and I have been aware over the years of a lot of this stuff, but for the most part I haven’t taken action and I am learning a lot of new information. Obviously, I don’t know your individual health situation, but I do know we are all attacked daily by chemicals, pollutants, and prescription meds and I feel everybody should have good information  to live the healthiest life possible.

Upcoming Topics

There are so many things to write about. Initially, if you sign up for my blog, you’ll probably get email postings fairly often as I am learning a lot and want to get the info out. I’ll slow down – I promise. But I’ll be covering topics such as magnesium, Vitamin D3, alkaline water, cod liver oil, acupuncture, canola oil, aspartame, CoQ10, DHA, Dr. Rogers’ detox cocktail, Niacin, food, Vitamin E, juicing and whatever else I learn about on my Health Discovery Journey!

So, WELCOME, and I hope you sign up and learn along with me!



13 responses

23 11 2011

Debbie, This is excellent and so professional you may be able to submit it to magazine. Love the title and picture. You may want to start a second blog to include all of your travels. I for one love to read everything you write!!!

23 11 2011
Jud Collier

Dear Debbie,
I applaud your courage and extend my sincere appreciation for your caring so much for friends to share this abundance of powerful healthy information and advice!
All the Best ,

23 11 2011
Dick McKenna

Thanks Deb – As a long time statin user, butter hog and ice cream gourmand I’m very interested in what you have to say.
Susan’s in Australia right now. I’ll pass this on to her as well. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving.

23 11 2011
Suzanne Marisa

Love that you’re doing this! This is a topic that I’m very interested in, so I will look forward to your postings. If you find that you love blogging, then I suggest that you also do a travel blog as you go on such interesting trips!

Suzanne M.

23 11 2011
Meredith Hinkle

Debbie, I think you are great to do this for all of us – thank you for including me. I have been given the name of a holistic doctor who has practices in Dupont Circle and Annapolis. I will share why I am about to go see him or a nutritionist when I see you next. Thanks for doing this Debbie – we all have to be our own doctors these days, be much better informed, think outside the box and traditional medicine. You are our worthy leader!

Happy Thanksgiving! Meredith

23 11 2011
Michelle Go

Hi Debbie,
It takes a lot of guts to start a blog and I really commend you on embracing network media to share something so important and interesting to us all. I look forward to sharing in your journey! I am very thankful for your friendship!

23 11 2011

Hi Debbie,

Really like the website- looks so professional, and the story is so real and touching! keep up the good work! I am following you….


24 11 2011
Gini King

Happy Thanksgiving Debbie,

I look forward to following your discoveries during this journey and hopefully applying it to our lives. Thank-you for taking the time and energy to put this blog together and share it with us!

hugs from Gini and Bill

24 11 2011

What a wonderfully generous gesture, Debbie, taking the trouble to share your learning and experience with your friends.
Too much medication and the distancing of our natural instincts from our ‘modern’ selves needs a bit of reversing! And collective wisdom….
Thank you so much.

24 11 2011
Linda Brilliant Sneathen

Hi Debbie, Awesome….. cant wait for more info, would like to have the detox recipe. My son juices and has been wanting me to start as well. I do believe a juicer is on Santa’s list 🙂 I am excited for your blog and will look forward to further info. Thank you so much for doing this. Happy Thanksgiving Sincerely Linda

25 11 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! Love the blog and all your interesting topics. I “found”
acupuncture a year ago and am finally back to my sporting life. No more
tennis elbow!

27 11 2011
Karen Cobb

This is a great idea and appreciate the research. A few years ago I was able to lower my cholesterol with fish oil as the drugs did not agree with my system and with my health issues I try to keep the drugs to a minimum. When diabetes enters the mix as it does for so many of us, cholesterol and blood pressure problems usually follow. Will you be covering that? Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


29 11 2011
Cynthia Longabaugh

Can’t “follow” on an IPAD. Way to go. One of my friends, an Air Force doctor working at Children’s Hospital here in KC also went off her statin. Thought you’d be interested.

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